Corporate Governance

Compliance System

Compliance System

Our Views on Compliance

  • At the Isetan Mitsukoshi Group, we believe that allemployees working in the Group must embrace compliance as part of our values, consciousness, andactions if we are to truly respect not only laws but also ethics, social norms and rules.
  • For this purpose, As a measure for ensuring thorough understanding of these matters in regular business activities, we posts on employees with the Compliance Guidebook, which shows laws and regulations that must be complied with, and provides standards for ethical behaviors, in relationships with customers and business partners.
  • In order to audit the legality and acceptability of business activities, we have established an Internal Audit Department as an independent body to strengthen internal control functions.

Protection of personal information

  • To be equal to the trust customers place in us and fulfill their expectations, we have formulated and made public the Groups Privacy Policy for properly managing and using the personal information customers entrust to us.
  • In addition, we have established our Personal Information Management Rules based on our Privacy Policy. Under these rules, we use our customers personal information properly and ensure strict protection and management of such information.
  • The director in charge of the Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings General Affairs Department oversees duties relating to the Groups protection of personal information as the Groups General Manager of Personal Information.

Establishment and operation of a system for preventing insider trading

  • We have established and operate a system for preventing insider trading that is trusted by equity markets and stakeholders. Specifically, we have established our Insider Trading Prevention Rules regarding the handling of unpublished important information. By following these rules, we take measures for ensuring strict management of information and raising awareness of the importance of proper information management. The system we have put in place also requires that executives and other employees assigned to certain divisions take steps such as providing prior notification when engaging in the trading of equity or other securities.

Development of IR Policy

  • We have formulated and disclosed our IR Policy and make strenuous efforts to practice fair information disclosure and enhance communication in our IR activities (public relations activities directed toward shareholders and other investors). These efforts are aimed at gaining the trust and understanding of our shareholders and other investors.

Establishment of an anti-bribery policy

  • The Isetan Mitsukoshi Group has declared that it will implement initiatives to combat bribery and it has established and released an Anti-Bribery Policy accordingly. The policy states that it is prohibited to provide money, goods, entertainment, preferential treatment, or other benefit, etc. to public officials or private officers for the purpose of gaining an unlawful benefit, irrespective of whether it is in Japan or overseas.。

Establishment and operation of systems for promoting fair trade

  • We have established our Fair Trade Guidelines, under which we promote establishment and strict management of systems for eliminating unfair restraint on trade and the similar acts, in our efforts to firmly maintain fair, free competition and continue to contribute widely to society as a corporate entity.

Response to antisocial forces

  • Our Basic Policy on Internal Control System Construction clearly states that the Isetan Mitsukoshi Group will reject relationships with antisocial forces, refuse inappropriate requests from them, and take measures to prevent damage they may attempt to inflict.

Establishment and operation of a whistleblowing office

  • We have established the Group Hotline Rules to swiftly bring to light and correct inappropriate conduct, illegal conduct, and harassment that occur within the Group. We have also established the Group Hotline, our whistleblowing system for all employees of the Group and the Groups business partners. Under this system, a specialized internal division and external entities (including a law firm) accept whistleblowing.

Compliance Guidebook posted on the Companys intranet

  • The Isetan Mitsukoshi Group includes compliance-related content at training sessions for new employees and newly appointed managers, etc. Furthermore, the Compliance Guidebook, which is a booklet that lays out laws and social norms to be observed by all employees in a manner that is easy to understand, has been posted on the Companys intranet.
[Examples of content]
・Providing safe and reassuring products
・Protecting personal information
・Respect for human rights
・Prohibition of harassment
・Creating a positive work environment
・Insider trading
・Preventing connections with antisocial forces
・Prohibition of bribery
・Dealing fairly with our suppliers
・Intellectual property rights
・Ensuring the safety of customers and employees
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