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Priority Initiatives (Materialities)

Priority Initiatives (Materialities)

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The identifying Process of Materialities

At the Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings, priority initiatives (material issues) have been identified based on discussions at management conferences (current Board of Executive Officers), the opinions of external advisors, and the findings fromcustomer questionnaire surveys. We have identified three material issues among the social issues and requests from our stakeholders, from the perspective of making the most of our strengths as a company running a department store business as our core business, through the process described below.

Process to indentify Material Issues
DFF Inc., 三越伊勢丹HDS 総務統括部 総務企画部, 三越伊勢丹HDS 財務・IR統括部 広報・IR部, 三越伊勢丹HD チーフオフィサー室経営企画DIV

Specific Activities for Priority Initiatives (Material Issues)

Specific Activities for Priority Initiatives (Material Issues)
DFF Inc., 三越伊勢丹HDS 総務統括部 総務企画部, 三越伊勢丹HDS 財務・IR統括部 広報・IR部, 三越伊勢丹HDS 総務統括部 コンプライアンス部, 三越伊勢丹HDS 秘書室, 三越伊勢丹HDS 取締役会室 監査委員会運営部, 三越伊勢丹HD チーフオフィサー室経営企画DIV, 三越伊勢丹ヒューマン・ソリューションズ 人財開発事業部

Department Store Initiative: "think good"

What “think good” is about
  • The slogan “think good” carries our message, “Let’s start by thinking seriously, using our imagination,” toward a bright and prosperous future. Based on the Isetan Mitsukoshi Group’s Basic Policy on Sustainability, we set out the following three pillars in April 2021:
    i) assorting products responsible for the global environment including ecosystems, people working for and social issues;
    ii) promotion of the 4Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle); and
    iii) the dissemination of culture, technology, and sensibility, to guide our sustainability initiatives implemented through our main business activities under the slogan of “think good.”

    We will continue to aim for a sustainable society and a bright and prosperous future, by respecting and bridging diverse values and increasing various options, together with all stakeholders including our customers, business partners, and the local community.


「think good」What's Sustainable Life?

Our “think good” commitments

To expand opportunities for activities based on “think good,” Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd. has been running campaigns under the “think good” slogan several times a year, mainly through the Isetan Shinjuku Main Store, Mitsukoshi Nihombashi Main Store, Mitsukoshi Ginza Store, and the Isetan Mitsukoshi Online Store. In the first campaign that began in April 2021 and lasted about a month, we identified upcycling as a key issue and carried out projects together with many business partners and social activists. For these projects, we held numerous business meetings with 82 companies and organizations in order to host events to publicize measures against climate change and offer a lineup of environment-friendly products and services.
One specific initiative was the exhibition of works by Mago Nagasaka, an artist confronting social and environmental issues through art, which was met with the greatest responses in recent years for an Isetan Shinjuku Main Store event. And at the Mitsukoshi Ginza Store, in addition to the Earth Day Tokyo 2021, the country’s biggest sustainability event, the Earth Day Climate Summit was live-streamed. We received warm words of encouragement from customers as well as environment NPOs, and the streaming event served as a stepping stone to expanding related initiatives.
In order to increase the depth and range of these activities, we will continue sharing information and exchanging opinions with our business partners and other stakeholders.

The three axes of “think good”—Initiatives and specific programs

The three axes of “think good”—Initiatives and specific programs

三越伊勢丹HDS 総務統括部 総務企画部

Long-term Goals and Current Status

To realize the future envisioned by the Isetan Mitsukoshi Group, we have identified the following key factors: under Materiality 1, urban development leveraging the Group’s advantage of having broad national and international networks; under Materiality 2, achievement of a decarbonized society and fulfillment of social responsibility across the supply chain; and under Materiality 3, diversity and inclusion, raising of employee motivation, and the promotion of life-work balance. To bring these into reality, they have been set out as long-term goals.

三越伊勢丹HDS 総務統括部 総務企画部